Fast, Cost Effective, Efficient and Eco-Friendly

HOMErs’ modular homes are manufactured at our factory to suit your needs, with the choice between our standard range or customised layout, fit and finish. Our modular design offers greater flexibility, higher quality precision engineering and they are highly cost efficient to construct in contrast to traditional homes.


Quick and Easy to Build

One big benefit of our modular homes is the saving you make in both time and cost. A traditional home will take months or even years to build with all the associated issues with getting the right resources on site, labour costs, quality control and interest rates. Our modular homes will be with you in weeks and come fully fitted so you can move in immediately.

The Benefits of Modular Housing

  • Quick and easy to construct
  • Offer an immediate solution to the housing shortage
  • Built in weeks, not years or months
  • High quality as they are produced in a factory environment
  • Require less on-site preparation
  • Flexible design that can grow and move to suit your lifestyle
  • Eco-friendly, with less wastage and energy efficient
  • Long lasting steel structure, very durable quality engineering


What’s the affordability of HOMErs homes?

What’s the durability of a HOMErs home?

What are the benefits of a HOMErs home?

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