Your HOME is always with YOU

HOMErs Homes

HOMErs produces the highest quality, stand-alone modular homes for living and social housing. Our houses are manufactured with automated precision technology. In the current market, such houses are often referred to as Prefabricated Modular Homes. Our mobile modular homes are the modern solution to both cost of living and climate concerns, with our technical innovations supporting space-efficient living which uses less land and has a lower carbon footprint.

You can choose from our standard range or create your own customised home.

icons of the benefits of a homers home
icons of a mobile homers home

Flexible housing that moves with you

icon jigsaw puzzle pieces coming together

Easy to assemble and disassemble – no need for special tools or expertise

icon of toothbrushes in a cup

A turn-key solution with all amenities (including slippers and toothbrushes!)

icon of building blocks

Can be expanded with the family, adding extra modules after purchase

icons of sustainable leaves

Created from quality sustainable materials making it energy efficient in construction and occupation

icon of a modular home

Quality of structure and design makes it suitable for all environments