Building the Future, Responsibly

Welcome to the future of eco-friendly living with our innovative and sustainable modular housing solutions. We believe in redefining the way we build homes, focusing on reducing our carbon footprint, efficiency, and your well-being from the start.

What is a Sustainable Home?

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Energy efficiency

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Resource conservation

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Cost-effective maintenance

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Material reuse


HOMErs Vs Traditional Housing

Our construction process is fast and efficient, with the modular components being easy to transport helping to reduce both building costs and energy consumption. We offer a range of affordable sustainable homes, integrating technologically advanced elements, such as heat recovery units, air-tight insulation, solar panels, and air source heat pumps for sustainable living.

homers home versus a traditional home
homers home versus a traditional home

According to a report by WRAP, modular construction can reduce waste materials by up to 90%, indicating a substantial reduction in the overall carbon footprint of the construction process.


Our Modular Homes are More Carbon Efficient

For decades there has been a clear global trend to reduce the average living space in new residential homes due to rising land prices and housing construction costs, increased utility and maintenance expenses, and technical innovations supporting space-efficient living. In the last 15 years, the average new home size in Europe has decreased from 240sqm to 115sqm— more than a 50% reduction, and the prefab housing market has grown from 30,000 units per year to 80,000 units per year.

The carbon footprint of construction is also significantly reduced by the transition to manufactured housing, benefiting from both smaller home sizes and production efficiency on a per square meter basis.

Prefabricated, and modular homes have emerged as the modern solution to both cost of living and climate concerns.


Net Zero Carbon Living is Our Vision

HOMErs produces modular homes that are manufactured on a highly automated factory line. The homes are delivered to a greenfield site in a ready-to-assemble package and then fully assembled, together with the integral, quick-install foundation in a matter of days.

A HOMErs home offers a complete solution for the end-user which is produced and transported with greater efficiency than traditional homes, resulting in reduced energy consumption and costs. It comes with a fully furnished, high-quality interior and is easily connected to all essential utilities. It includes essential appliances such as a refrigerator, washing machine, and an integrated stove-microwave.

HOMErs is working on creating an eco-friendly version that operates independently from traditional utility infrastructure. This version includes an integrated solar panel and a battery-based energy system. As a result, the goal is to achieve net-zero carbon living.